Ciudad Perdida, the most famous trek in South America - Group

Viaja en el tiempo, descubre la enigmática Ciudad Perdida y conecta con la magia de la Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta


Sierra Nevada (Magdalena, Colombia)


Service Level

Service Level


Physical Effort

Physical Effort



  • Sierra Nevada


  • Campamento indígena Adán
  • Paraíso Teyuna indigenous camp
  • Campamento indígena Wiwa
  • *Remember that this is a group tour trip, and we have departures every day*

Actividades destacadas

  • Trekking 4 days to Ciudad Perdida
  • Bathing in the Buritaca River
  • Holy City

Itinerary Ciudad Perdida, the most famous trek in South America - Group

  • Day 1

    Flight to Santa Marta (Approx. 1h 30 min from Bogotá)

    (Not included)

    Ground transportation to Vereda Mamey

    Transportation from your accommodation in Santa Marta (or the airport if you have just arrived) to the El Mamey village to begin the climb to the mythical Lost City.

    El Mamey - Camp Adán

    After a rich lunch, we will begin our climb to Camp Adán. The walk will be about 7.5 km, a route that can last approximately 4 hours. Halfway there we will stop at the viewpoint of the three crosses to recharge our batteries with fruits. In the end we will arrive at the Adán camp to spend the night, but not before cooling off in its natural pools that the mountains offer us.

  • Day 2

    Adam Camp - Teyuna Paradise

    After breakfast, we will leave for the most challenging day of the adventure, in which we will be walking for a total of 8:30 hours. Given the demands, we will have the luxury of stopping for lunch on the banks of the Buritaca River at the Wiwa camp, where we can refresh ourselves to continue the walk. After bordering the Kogui Mutanyi community, we will arrive at our camp, Paraíso Teyuna to spend the night.

  • Day 3

    Teyuna Paradise - Lost City - Camp Wiwa

    With dawn as an alarm, we will go on a short 2km walk to find the 1,200 imposing steps to reach the Lost City, rediscovered in 1973 by archaeologists Gilberto Cadavid and Luisa Fernanda Herrera. Upon arrival, we will see the same terraces on which the Tairona built one of their cities in the 8th century. After exploring the history of the terraces, receiving the energy of the place, and enjoying the mountainous landscape, we will descend again until we reach the Wiwa camp, where we have lunch on day 2, to spend the night.

  • Day 4

    Back to Santa Marta

    Walking the same path that we once saw up with motivation, we will now go down it with satisfaction, while we arrive at Camp Adan to take a short hydration and fruit break. Once recharged, we will return to the path of Mamey to get into a van that will take us back to Santa Marta.

    Return to Hometown

    (Flight not included)


Your trip’s impact

80% of the sale value stays in the local area

Boost the local economy and enhance the well-being of the residents

You will contribute to the development of responsible tourism in the destinations you visit

You promote conservation and/or sustainable development activities

What's included?



Travel Insurance


Land transportation (Day 1 includes pick up from Santa Marta airport and accommodation in the urban area of Santa Marta )

Entrance to the Teyuna (ICANH) archeological park

What's not included?


Additional food / beverages

How to get there?

By air (Approx. 1h 30 min from Bogotá)

You can schedule your flight to with Avianca, Latam or Wingo airlines,

We recommend you arrive in the earliest flight possible , around 7 a.m.

We recommend scheduling your return flight in the afternoon, preferably after 5 pm.

We recommend putting your clothes in bags to prevent them from getting wet, especially sleepwear.

We recommend packing light, you will be walking with your own luggage.

How challenging is it? 3/5

Showers with ambient water

Limited electrical power

Limited cellphone signal (perfect time to disconnect!)

Traditional bathrooms in the communities

Physical demand: 3/5

Each person carries their own luggage

Daily hikes between 6–8 hours long (with steep inclinations)

High temperatures and high humidity



Shared accommodation in bunk beds

Restaurant / Bar

Air conditioning

Indigenous cabins

Private bathroom

What to pack?


Cash for personal expenses and souvenirs


Scarf or hiking buff

Rubber boots

Drybag or waterproof bag

Medications or pain relievers for personal use

Your personal documents


Rechargeable water bottle

Personal hygiene kit

Quick-drying towel

Quick-drying towel


Photo / Video Camera (optional)

Bring cash

Comfortable quick-drying clothes

Waterproof hiking shoes or comfortable sneakers

Waterproof clothing



Temperature: 29 C º (avg.)

Humidity: 80% (avg.)


To participate in the adventures, we recommend that you do not have medical restrictions to do walks in the jungle or other physical activities.

Remember that Ciudad Perdida will be closed from August 29th to September 30th of 2023, a time that the indigenous communities use to reconnect with their territory while allowing the ecosystem to rest.

Travel safely

Your package includes travel insurance

At Wonder, we are in charge of ensuring that the destinations you go to comply with all the safety parameters so that you can travel without worries.

Impact Travel

How will your trip make an impact ?

  • Approx. 80% of the sale value stays in the local area.
  • You help establish tourism as a livelihood for vulnerable communities.
  • You encourage the conservation of natural ecosystems that nature tourism depends on.
  • You promote cultural exchange and help preserve centuries-old traditions.
  • You contribute to communities taking ownership of their territory and fostering a deeper connection with nature.


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