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Discover The Incredible Wonders Of ecuador

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Discover the mesmerizing country of Ecuador. A one-of-a-kind place located in the heart of the mountains. Explore the native wildlife of Cajas National Park and admire over 200 lagoons surrounded by moorlands and mountain peaks. Head to the Chimborazo Fauna Production Reserve, Ecuador’s highest volcano and enjoy its panoramic views, offering an impressive sighting of the Andes mountain range. Then, there’s one of the most iconic travel destinations in the world, the ecological marvel of the Galápagos Islands. Enjoy its white sand beaches, volcanic rock formations and azure waters in the natural paradise. You’ll be able to get up close and personal with frigate birds, giant tortoises, sea lions and even marine iguanas. Ecuador combines adventure, culture and natural landscapes, a true gem in Latin America.

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Main Activities

Ecuador is divided into three unique natural regions; the coastal lowlands, the Andean highlands and the Amazon rainforest. The three regions are united by the backbone of the country, the majestic Andes mountain range (stretching throughout the country). While the remote islands of Galápagos are located about, 1000 km from the country's mainland coast. Among Ecuador's most notable activities are:

Entry Requirements

To enter as a tourist, you must meet the following requirements:

  • Passport: Valid passport. South American citizens may enter with an ID card or national identification document.
  • Visa: Not all people who travel to Ecuador require a tourist visa; this will depend on your nationality. We highly recommend that you verify the specific situation according to your country of origin.
  • Others: Vaccination against yellow fever is recommended for all travelers (both national and international)

For more comprehensive information about the visa and entry requirements, click the next link:

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Travel Tips

  • Climate ranges from tropical to mild, so we suggest packing comfortable clothing that’s suitable to the weather. Success lies in layers.
  • Regarding transportation, we recommend that you use transportation apps like Uber or hire a tourist transportation service. Caution is advised when using unofficial taxis.
  • Although credit cards are accepted in most cities, it’s advisable to carry cash (US Dollar) for better prices.
  • The use of sunscreen and insect repellent is strongly encouraged.
  • While traveling to Quito, you may experience altitude sickness due to the city’s high elevation. However, rest assured, your body will quickly acclimatize, allowing you to comfortably enjoy all the amazing things that this beautiful city has to offer.