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Embark on a journey to Chile, a country that stretches from the waves of the Pacific Ocean to the soaring peaks of the Andes. Visit the eclectic capital of Santiago, buzzing with lively graffitied neighborhoods and art galleries. Head to the south, a wildlife sanctuary where condors, flamingos, and magellan penguins roam free, and journey through the martian-like Atacama Desert. This land of natural wonders will promise an unforgettable adventure.

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Main Activities

Chile is divided into four regions; North, Center, South, and Austral. Dry climates characterize the north, where you can find the enormous Atacama Desert and the famous Piedras Rojas. The center is the most populated area of the country, home to the beautiful city of Santiago and the colorful houses of Valparaíso. In the south, you can discover the magical Patagonia National Park, one of the best places for adventure tourism. The Austral region includes Punta Arenas and the Strait Park, where you can go hiking, horseback riding, and whale watching in the Pacific Ocean. Among the main activities to do in Chile are:

Entry Requirements

To enter as a tourist, you must meet the following requirements:

  • Passport: Valid passport
  • Exit Ticket: Ticket or outgoing voucher to country of origin or for onward travel
  • Others: In some cases, the immigration officer may request that you show economic solvency for your stay in the country
  • Visa: If you are a citizen of South America, the European Union, the United States, Canada, or Australia, you do not need a visa for tourism purposes. However, citizens of some countries must pay a fee in cash (reciprocity tax) upon arrival at the Chilean airport

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Travel Tips

  • In many places, payment in U.S. dollars is accepted, but we suggest carrying the local currency (Chilean Peso CLP) to get better prices.
  • We recommend bringing insect repellent and sunscreen.
  • Pack a video or photo camera to capture the wonderful landscapes of the country.
  • Regarding transportation, we strongly advise using ride-sharing services like Uber or tourist transport services. Choosing domestic flights for long-distance travel is the way to go.