Group trek to the summit of Nevado del Tolima

Conquistando el Nevado del Tolima


National Natural Park Los Nevados


Service Level

Service Level




  • Parque Nacional Natural Los Nevados


  • 2 nights at Finca La Playa
  • 1 night at Arenales Camp
  • Please remember that this is a group tour trip, so the dates are fixed. If you want to choose another date, we recommend that you contact one of our advisors to check availability*

Actividades destacadas

  • Trekking in Arenales
  • Ascent to the summit of Nevado del Tolima


  • sáb., 03 ago / 24 - mar., 06 ago / 24

    COP 1,950,000

    Por Persona

  • vie., 16 ago / 24 - lun., 19 ago / 24

    COP 1,950,000

    Por Persona

  • vie., 13 sep / 24 - lun., 16 sep / 24

    COP 1,950,000

    Por Persona

  • vie., 04 oct / 24 - lun., 07 oct / 24

    COP 1,950,000

    Por Persona

  • vie., 11 oct / 24 - lun., 14 oct / 24

    COP 1,950,000

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  • vie., 11 oct / 24 - lun., 14 oct / 24

    COP 1,950,000

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  • vie., 01 nov / 24 - lun., 04 nov / 24

    COP 1,950,000

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  • vie., 08 nov / 24 - lun., 11 nov / 24

    COP 1,950,000

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  • vie., 06 dic / 24 - lun., 09 dic / 24

    COP 1,950,000

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  • vie., 20 dic / 24 - lun., 23 dic / 24

    COP 1,950,000

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Itinerary Group trek to the summit of Nevado del Tolima

  • Day 0

    Transfer from city of origin to Salento

    ( Not included)

    Welcome and informative talk

    We will have an informative talk with our host to learn all the general recommendations for our experience and the necessary equipment to prepare our luggage.

    Dinner and Accommodation

    (Not included)

  • Day 1


    We will meet somewhere in Salento to have breakfast and start the adventure

    Transfer to Valle del Cocora


    La Playa Estate

    We will arrive at the estate, where we'll spend the rest of the afternoon and rest.

    Traditional Dinner

  • Day 2


    Trekking Arenales

    We will hike for approximately 5 hours to the second campsite, at 4,445 meters above sea level.


    Organization and preparation

    We will have a session to organize the camp and conduct an induction and safety talk of the mountain gear


  • Day 3


    We will prepare for the ascent to the summit and have breakfast at 1:00 am

    Ascent Summit Nevado del Tolima

    We will hike uphill, an ascent where all your senses are activated, and it will be a stage of effort and mental concentration. If the weather permits, you will be able to see the summit of Tolima and in the horizon the Nevado de Ruiz and Santa Isabel.

    Descent to Arenales camp


    Journey to La Playa Estate


  • Day 4


    Descent through Valle Del Cocora

    During the morning, we will make the return walk to the Cocora Valley

    Transfer to Salento

    Return to city of origin

    (No incluido)


Your trip’s impact

80% of the sale value stays in the local area

Boost the local economy and enhance the well-being of the residents

You will contribute to the development of responsible tourism in the destinations you visit

You promote conservation and/or sustainable development activities

What's included?

Ground transportation at destination

Transportation to specific points

Summit gear: (Crampons, ice axe, harness, carabiner, helmet, and headlamp)

Camping equipment: (Tent, sleeping bag, sleeping pad)



Travel Insurance


The group will be accompanied by specialized high-mountain guide

What's not included?

Food nor accommodation day 0


Additional food / beverages

How to get there?

Land route to Salento (Approx. 7h from Bogotá)

By air to Pereira (Approx.1h flight from Bogotá) and then take transportation to Salento

By air to Armenia (Approx.1h flight from Bogotá) and then take transportation to Salento

Remember to arrive on day 0, meaning the day before starting the trip, in order to attend the safety briefing.

We recommend scheduling your return flight after 10pm, or preferably on the day after the experience concludes.

You can take your flight with Latam, Avianca or Clic airlines.

How challenging is the plan? 5/5

Shared showers and bathrooms

Limited electrical power

Limited cellphone signal (perfect time to disconnect!)

Physical demand: 5/5

Low temperatures

Constant and steep ascents

Irregular paths, filled with mud during long hiking periods

Hikes between 6 and 8 hours long


Shared accommodation (Bunk beds)

Tent accommodation (Cold weather conditions)

Shared Bathroom

What to pack?

Your personal documents

Cash for personal expenses and souvenirs

Plastic bag for trash

Snow goggles

Thermal and waterproof clothing

Photo / Video Camera (optional)

Trekking shoes or boots

Rubber boots

Neck warmer

Waterproof Jacket

Fleece jacket or pullover

Rechargeable water bottle

Cash for personal expenses


Comfortable trekking backpack with waist and chest adjustments


Hat or Cap for sun protection

Waterproof winter hat or beanie

Mountain gloves for cold weather


Quick-drying towel

Personal hygiene kit


Temperature: 0 - 10 Cº (avg.)


People who take this tour must preferably be between 16 and 60 years old, athletes in good physical condition.

To participate in the adventures, we recommend that you do not have medical restrictions for hikes and other physical activities

We recommend having a minimum training of 3 months prior to the trip and previous experience in long hikes and carrying heavy loads

Travel safely

Your package includes travel insurance

At Wonder, we are in charge of ensuring that the destinations you go to comply with all the safety parameters so that you can travel without worries.

Impact Travel

How will your trip make an impact ?

  • Approx. 80% of the sale value stays in the local area.
  • You help establish tourism as a livelihood for vulnerable communities.
  • You encourage the conservation of natural ecosystems that nature tourism depends on.
  • You promote cultural exchange and help preserve centuries-old traditions.
  • You contribute to communities taking ownership of their territory and fostering a deeper connection with nature.

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