Extreme Guejar River

Sumérgete en un espectáculo natural de majestuosas formaciones rocosas y aguas cristalinas en el Cañón del Río Güejar


Lejanías (Meta, Colombia)


Service Level

Service Level


Physical Effort

Physical Effort



  • Lejanias
  • Mesetas


  • Cabin
  • *Remember that this is a private tour trip, so you can choose the date you want. We just need to check availability.*
  • *The tour rate varies depending on the number of people and does not include transportation (We can organize it for you*

Actividades destacadas

  • The 5 Wonders of Guejar
  • Rafting en el Guear
  • Bonfire at dusk

Itinerary Extreme Guejar River

  • Day 1


    Transportation to Lejanías, Meta (5h approx. from Bogotá)

    (Not included)

    Travel 12 Km on unpaved roads

    (Not included, we can organize it for you)


    The 5 Wonders of Guejar

    Enjoy the natural pools that this incredible destination offers, visit the Caño Lajón waterfall, Caño Jordán, the natural slide and the natural jacuzzi.

    Dinner at the lodge

    Campfire at nightfall

    (Subject to weather conditions)

  • Day 2

    Transfer to Mesetas in a 4WD truck.

    (Not included, we can arrange it for you)


    Rafting in the Guejar

    Rafting for approx. 17 Km where you will enjoy incredible waterfalls, rapids and see the iconic Titanic Stone. A special place to have a rafting adventure.


    Transfer to lodging

    Cena en el alojamiento

  • Day 3


    Morning off

    Tour the lodge and have a space to connect with nature.

    Return to Hometown

    (No incluido)


Your trip’s impact

80% of the sale value stays in the local area

Boost the local economy and enhance the well-being of the residents

You will contribute to the development of responsible tourism in the destinations you visit

You promote conservation and/or sustainable development activities

What's included?


Travel Insurance



What's not included?

Transportation from city of origin to Lejanías, and vice versa

Additional food / beverages

Transportation from Lejanías - Accommodation - Mesetas and vice versa (Can be included with an additional cost)

How to get there?

You can arrive by air to Villavicencio and then take public transportation to Lejanías

You can arrive by private or public transportation.

If your vehicle is a pickup truck or a motorcycle, you can drive directly to the accommodation. Keep in mind that there are unpaved roads.

If you have a car or are using public transportation, you need to reach Lejanías and pay the transportation fee.

We recommend you arrive between 8:00 - 9:00 am

How challenging is it? 4/5

Showers with ambient water

No Wi-Fi

Limited cellphone signal (perfect time to disconnect!)

Physical demand: 4/5

You will spend approximately 4 hours on the rafting boat

Hikes in high temperatures and high humidity

You will remain wet for several hours


Rustic cabins

Private accommodation

Private bathroom

What to pack?

Your personal documents

Rechargeable water bottle

Quick-drying towel

Rubber boots

Water shoes

Drybag or waterproof bag

Comfortable quick-drying clothes

Waterproof hiking shoes or comfortable sneakers


Hat or cap


Personal hygiene kit

Small backpack for tours


Scarf or hiking buff

Cash for personal expenses and souvenirs

Bug repellent

Photo / Video Camera (optional)

Waterproof clothing


Medications or pain relievers for personal use


Activities are subject to changes due to weather conditions that may put the traveler's safety at risk

To participate in the adventures, we recommend that you do not have medical restrictions for physical activities


Temperature: 28 C º (avg.)

Humidity: 65% (avg.)

Travel safely

At Wonder, we are in charge of ensuring that the destinations you go to comply with all the safety parameters so that you can travel without worries.

Your package includes travel insurance

Impact Travel

How will your trip make an impact ?

  • Approx. 80% of the sale value stays in the local area.
  • You help establish tourism as a livelihood for vulnerable communities.
  • You encourage the conservation of natural ecosystems that nature tourism depends on.
  • You promote cultural exchange and help preserve centuries-old traditions.
  • You contribute to communities taking ownership of their territory and fostering a deeper connection with nature.

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