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It’s time to delve into the intangible

Humankind is going through challenging times. Never before have we been stripped away from life as we know it, all in such a short timeframe. As bleak as it may seem for the wandering traveler, the ongoing pandemic has offered many silver linings about how the earth we live in has thrived without our intervention, and must continue to do so. It has opened the door for the redefinition of traveling and tourism, begging the modern-day journeyer for a more spectator-driven approach toward discovering new places. It has opened the door to explore the intangible; that which cannot be touched and therefore changed or deteriorated.

But you ask: how can I possibly explore the world in an intangible manner? What does this even mean?

If and when Mother Earth gives us all a chance to traverse freely throughout, we should definitely do so with a non-intrusive approach. At Wonder Travel, we see this pandemic as an opportunity to say goodbye to old engrained traditions of mass-tourism, where quick and easy travel options were the norm, without ever thinking about the long-term consequences we might be inflicting on our planet.

Oftentimes the best experiences to be had are the ones that are hard to find and see. The best tour guide is the local who’s been there a lifetime. The best activity is to be present and enjoy nature’s activities. The best gift shop is supporting artisanal works that promote local culture. The best food is being prepared at the market plaza. All of the best treasures in each destination are not advertised everywhere, you get there by engaging with the natives and letting them guide you through their intangible ways. This is why the intangible is the way forward in terms of ecotourism, because it preserves and promotes a healthier way of traveling so that we can continue to travel, as we all love to do so.

Many countries and communities continue to entice young travelers every year. There’s nothing quite as exciting as newly discovered locations around the globe that are eager to receive visitors. Colombia is a prime example of an intangible country that’s highly discoverable. With careful execution, Colombia’s bright future as a tourism mecca for the avid ecotraveler might just be real sooner than we’d expect. Full of magical realms, Colombia is by sheer definition a country keen for intangible experiences. With a bevy of lush rainforests, secluded beaches, majestic mountains, and an ever expanding culture, Colombia is sure to attract visitors from all walks of life at an exponential rate. Nonetheless, we at Wonder Travel encourage to find and experience the intangible delight that this South American gem has to offer with careful consideration of preserving it for future generations.

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